Online Dot Net Training

Online Dot Net Training

A trainer will be available online to teach you about .net technologies. The Dot Net online live training course is designed for freshers, junior developers who recently started their career in organization and learners to familiarize with Microsoft.Net using C#, ASP.NET and overall concept of dot net. This online .net training makes the developer to understand various features of .NET in terms of coding, deploying/publishing, debugging the applications developed in Web environment. This online live .net interactive training program allows you to become more familiar in understanding, coding and developing applications.

In each course it will not consist more than 5 members, which helps trainee to have more interactive communication with trainer and more focused training for trainee.

More detailed information for course content as given below


C#.Net is a programming language which is used to develop both web and windows based technologies, Concepts of C#.Net are covered in this section


ASP.Net is a web technology which is used to develop web application such as Web sites, web services etc. Web application development is covered in this section.

SQL Server:

SQL Server is a database server which is used to store the data related to application. It allows applications read/write data into tables. Basic Insert, Update, Delete and select operations will covered in this course.


Ajax is a technology which allows browsers to send partial post-backs which increase the application performance and helps to develop more user interactive applications. Concepts related to Ajax are covered in this course.


ADO.Net is a data access technology which is developed on top of .net to connect the database servers from applications developed in dot net. Concepts related to ADO.Net are covered in this course.

Web Services:

“Web Services” is the technology which allow the application exposed as service to other applications (irrespective to platform such as Java, PHP etc).


HTML is used design web application. Basic concepts related to HTML are covered in this session.


JavaScript is scripting is scripting technology which allows to do client side scripting/programming. Concepts related to JavaScript are covered in this course.


LINQ is the querying technology which is developed for dot net for easy querying of dot net objects. Basic concepts related to LINQ are covered in this course.


WCF is advanced technology of Web Services. Basic concepts related to WCF are covered in this course.


JQuery is querying technology developed in javascript, it makes developer to minimize the client code. Basic concepts related to javascript are covered in this course.