Online SSRS Training

This is an online interactive live training  and an experienced SSRS trainer (who also has real time experience in MSBI) will be available online to explain all the concepts. This is a Live Online SSRS Training.

Concepts covered in Online SSRS training (Sql Server Reporting Services) are as listed below

Introduction To SSRS (Sql Server Reporting Services)

  • Features in SSRS
  • Sql Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Architecture.
  • Sql Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Terminology
  • Sql Server Reporting Services Editions

Creating Reports

  • How to create Shared Data Sources?
  • How to create Reports from Scratch?

Formatting and Calculations

  • How to create expressions.
  • How to use Global Collections
  • Formatting Report Items (Cells, Tex, Rows etc)
  • Formatting items based on condition or Conditional Formatting

Sorting And Grouping in SSRS

  • How to create Groups and Sub Groups in SSRS Report.
  • How to calculate Totals, Sub totals and Percentages
  • Interactive Sorting in SSRS.
  • How to create Drill-Down Reports in SSRS.

What Are Report Parameters

  • How to create SSRS Report Parameters.
  • How to create Drop-Down Parameters.
  • What are Multi Valued Parameters.
  • How to debug Parameter Issues

How to create Charts and Matrix Reports

  • How to create a Basic Matrix Report in SSRS
  • Subtotals in Matrix report.
  • How to create a Basic Chart.
  • Charting Possibilities and ways.

Managing Reporting Services

  • How to deploy Reports and Data Sources in SSRS Server.
  • How to export reports various formats
  • How to use the Web-Based Report Manager and its benefits.
  • How to use BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio) based Reporting Services Manager.

Security in Reporting Services

  • Secured Access to Reports.
  • Security for Data Source.

Sql Server Reporting Services Programming

  • How to Integrate Sql Server Reporting Services into Applications using URL Access.
  • How to use Report Viewer Controls.

Advanced Sql Server Reporting Services Programming

  • How to use the Sql Server Reporting Services Web Service
  • How to Work with Custom (.NET CLR) Assemblies.

Subscriptions and Snapshots in SSRS

  • What is Snapshots and Caching in SSRS.
  • How to create Standard Subscriptions.
  • How to create Data Driven Subscriptions.
  • How to manage subscriptions

Using Report Viewer in SharePoint

  • Using SSRS in PPS.

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