Online MSBI Training

SQL Server 2008 R2/2012 Analysis Services

Concepts covered in online SSAS training (Sql Server Analysis Services) are as listed below. This is an online interactive live training  and an experienced trainer (who also has real time experience in MSBI and executing MSBI or SSAS projects) will be available online to explain all the concepts. This is a Live Online MSBI Training.

What Is MSBI or Microsoft Business Intelligence?

  • Core concept of BI (BI is the UDM or cube)
  • Example of cube using excel pivot table.
  • MSBI is comprehensive (Analysis Services on SQL Server)
  • Building SQL Server Reporting Services Reports with cube as a data source

How to Use SSAS in BIDS (IDE)

  • Understanding the IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
  • How to create Data Sources and Data Source Views in IDE.
  • How to create cubes (using UDM and the Cube Build Wizard)
  • How to refine Dimensions and Measures using BIDS IDE.


  • KPIs.
  • Translations (currency localization and cube metadata).
  • Perspectives.
  • Actions ( drill-through, regular and reporting)

SSAS (Advanced)

  • How to use multiple fact tables
  • How to model intermediate fact tables
  • How to model Fact (degenerate) dimensions, M:M dimensions, writeback dimensions and  Role-playing dimensions.
  • How to model changing dimensions (dimension intelligence with wizard)
  • Using the “Add Business Intelligence Wizards”, time intelligence, semi-additive measures, account intelligence and write-back.

Cube Storage and Aggregation

  • Storage topics (MOLAP, basic aggregations).
  • Advanced Storage Design (ROLAP, MOLAP, HOLAP).
  • Customization of Aggregation Design and Processing Design.
  • Partitions (Analysis Services and relational partitions).
  • Real Time (Proactive Caching).
  • Changing dimensions Rapidly or ROLAP dimensions.
  • Options in Cube processing.

MDX(Multidimensional Expression)

  • Basic syntax of MDX (Multidimensional Expression)
  • Using MDX (Multidimensional Expression) query editor in SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio)
  • How to add calculated members
  • How to add scripts
  • How to add named sets

Concepts on SSAS Administration 

  • Best practices in SSAS health monitoring.
  • XMLA scripting (SQL Server Management Studio).
  • Security in SSAS (roles and permissions).
  • Disaster Recovery (backup and restore)

Introduction to Reporting Clients (Excel, SSRS and PPS)

  • Excel 2007 or Power pivot
  • SQL Reporting Service & Report Builder
  • SharePoint Performance Point Services (PPS) 2010


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