Real Time ASP.Net Project


This project was developed in three layer architecture (which can be converted to 3 tier architecture very easily). It has very good coding standards and corporate standards in it. When you see the code you will understand the clear separation between each layer. This project will helps you to understand on how to implement a project  in real time environment.

This project has login process and also it deals a little with roles process and these roles process was customized as per this project requirement. This attachment containing only the source code and high level description of the project, I can also provided all other documents such as BRD(Business Requirement Document), Project Architecture Document, Prototypes/Mock Up Design, Data Model Design etc.

This project completely developed using OOPS concepts.

In our real time project execution we deal with this project where you will develop this project from start to end. By the time you complete this project execution, you will understand how a project will be developed in a software company. This helps junior developer and the beginners who are developing projects.

This project helps you to understand many concepts in and the real time project implementation

Please remember that this project only targeted for the junior developers and dot net freshers, it helps you to implement a real time projects in with c#. It also has good coding standards and corporate standards in it.  This project helps you develop a complex dot net application.

This Project is Developed in Visual Studio 2010.

Project Architecture is as below

Real time project
Project  architecture diagram

Please download project source from below link

Download Real Time Asp.Net Project Here

If you are having problem in downloading or configuring project, Please feel free to mail me at

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