Online Dot Net Project Explanation

Project will be executed by a experienced trainer in corporate standards, so that trainee will get best live project experience. It helps members to understand more on real time project execution in any of the organization it also helps you to attend interviews more confidently.

This project execution involves below major tasks

  1. Explanation on how a project is executed in an organization
  2. Requirement explanation
  3. Explanation on SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) in project life cycle.
  4. Implementation of basic database operations with inline SQL Statements.
  5. Converting inline SQL statements to stored procedure and explanation on how to use OOPs while developing any application.
  6. Implementation of a complete page with OOPS, Validation and all database operations to get familiarity in doing SQL operations with dot net code with corporate standards.
  7. Explanation on project architecture.
  8. Creating 3-tier architecture.
  9. Creating a master page and implementation look and feel for the application.
  10. Implementation of application (complete project implementation based on project requirement document).
  11. Testing of application
  12. Preparation for interview.

Total duration of this online dot net project training is 60 Hrs.

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