MVC Online Training

Online MVC Training

This is a live online MVC training where a trainer will teach you MVC technology with various examples. The MVC online live training course is designed for freshers, junior developers and for senior developers who have experience into  Microsoft .Net, C# and ASP.NET but don’t have experience into MVC design pattern. This online ASP.NET MVC training makes the developer to understand various concepts and features of MVC in terms of development, coding and debugging the applications. This online live MVC interactive training course helps you to become more familiar with MVC design pattern and its usage and coding. This MVC online training will also helps to have knowledge on how to answer interview questions and preparation for interviews based on MVC design pattern.

In any of our online training sessions will not consist more than 5 trainees/members, which helps trainee to have direct and interactive communication with trainer and more focused training.

More detailed information for MVC online training is given below

  1. Why MVC came to web development?
  2. Introduction to Design Patterns:
    • Creational Design Patterns
    • Structural Design Patterns
    • Behavioral Design Patterns
    • Architectural Design Patterns
  3. ASP.NET vs MVC
    • Difference between MVC applications with WebForms
    • Types of state management and How we are going to use State Management in MVC?
    •  Introducing the storage Management in MVC like ViewBag, ViewData and TempData with their differences.
  4. MVC Architecture
    • Working with controllers
    • Working with Views and learn types of Views?
    • Working with Models in different ways
    • What is Routing?
    • How Data is transforming in MVC Architecture
    • Helpers
  5. Razor View Engine
      • Available View Engines in MVC
      • Working with ActionResult Class
      • validations
      • Working with different return types
  6. Filters
    • Why Filters required MVC Applications
    • Types of Filters
    • Working samples on MVC Filters.
    • Binding
    • Custom Filters
  7. Introducing to Entity Frame Work
    • What is Entity Frame Work?
    • Types of Entity Frame Work Methods like Code First/Data First/ Model First Techniques.
    • working a sample example on this.
  8. Introduction to jQuery
    • What is jQuery?
    • How validation can be performed by using jQuery?
    • How to work Ajax Calls?
    • Introduction to jQGrid.
  9. Test Driven Application
    • Sample Razor View Application with TDD.
    • How to call the Test Methods in our project?
  10. Introducing MVC latest Version
    • what are the latest concepts are introduced in the MVC newer version?
    • working on the latest concepts.
  11. Interview preparation and Themes

Total duration of this course is 60 Hrs.

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